Don't just feel — understand.

Unlock emotional self-awareness.Monitor feelings, analyze patterns and cultivate positivity.

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Ready to Discover Your Emotional Superpower?

Dive deep into your emotions with Auramenta. We help you decipher the puzzles of your moods and turn them into allies for self-growth. Our features? They're your friendly guide to emotional understanding.

Mood Log

Mood Log is like your personal emotional diary. It's there for you to track how you feel, day by day. Over time, you'll see the patterns, the ups and downs, helping you get a clearer picture of your emotional landscape. It's a tiny step you take daily, building towards better mental health.


Ever had those moments when you just need to get something off your chest? Journaling is your space to do just that. It's private, it's safe and it's all yours. Pour out your thoughts, reflect on them and grow emotionally. No judgments here, just a blank page waiting for your story.

Trends & Analysis

Think of Trends & Analysis as your personal mood detective. It helps spotlight patterns in how you feel. Noticed you're often cheerful on Sundays but blue on Mondays? Let's delve into that and see what tweaks you can make to even things out. Knowledge is power, right?

Mood Correlations

We've all got those habits - the late-night snacks, the morning jogs, the Netflix binges and etc. But have you ever wondered how they tie into how you feel? Mood Correlations does just that, showing you which habits lift you up and which ones, well, don't. Time to connect the dots!

Goal Setting

Setting goals is all about having a north star, guiding you through the fog. Our Goal Setting space encourages you to dream big, but also take baby steps towards a healthier you. Celebrate every tiny win, every milestone and keep moving forward.

CBT Techniques

Life can sometimes throw curveballs and emotions can get tricky. But guess what? You've got a toolkit now. Our CBT Techniques are tried-and-tested strategies to help you navigate those tough moments. Consider them your emotional first-aid kit.

Personalized Recommendations

We get it, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we craft recommendations that feel like they're made just for you. Whether it's a calming playlist for a stressful day or a pep-talk for a blue morning, we've got your back.

Mindfulness Guides

In this fast-paced world, taking a moment just for yourself can work wonders. Our Mindfulness Guides are like mini-retreats, helping you find your center amidst the chaos. Whether you're new to mindfulness or an old hand, there's something here for you.

Progress Tracking

Remember the thrill of getting gold stars in school? Progress Tracking is a bit like that. Watch your growth, cherish every step forward and know that every effort, big or small, counts.

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About Auramenta

Your trusted tool for mental well-being.

Navigating our emotions can be a tricky journey, but it's at the core of who we are. We deeply feel that everyone deserves a little help to track those ever-shifting moods, catch those recurring feelings, and set out on a path to real peace and happiness.

Think of mood logging and our handpicked tools as your trusted friends. They're here to walk with you through life's roller coasters, the highs, the lows and those unexpected loops.

Our creation is more than just pixels and code. Think of it as your cozy corner in a bustling world. A space to express, wonder, discover and evolve. Together, let's sprinkle some sunshine on every emotion and make our days a tad bit brighter.

Why Dive into Auramenta?

Shaped with dedication, Auramenta walks alongside you at every step of this journey.

Easy-peasy Mood Tracking

You know those moments when you just want to shout from the rooftops about how you feel? We've made capturing it just as simple. Spot your mood swings, find your triggers, and unravel the mysteries of your heart. No bells and whistles, just pure understanding.

Your Emotional Goodie Bag

Imagine having a treasure trove of feel-good vibes at your fingertips. From deep breathing exercises that calm your soul to playlists that make you dance like no one's watching - we're that little nudge reminding you to take a breath and smile.

Guided Emotional Clarity

Picture a seasoned mentor, always by your side, sharing golden insights just for you. As you share your moods with us, we gently nudge you with advice and gems of wisdom. Think of us as your kind-hearted guide, every step of the way.

Journaling, but with Heart

Ah, the good ol' diary days! We're bringing back that magic. Pour your dreams, doodles and midnight epiphanies into a space that listens without judgment. Because sometimes, putting pen to paper (or fingers to screens) is the best therapy.

Come Peek Behind the Curtain on Twitch!

Ever wondered how Auramenta comes to life? Pop over to our Twitch stream and be part of our creation journey in real-time! Chat with us, share your thoughts and maybe even inspire our next big feature. Let's shape this together!

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Curious about something? You're not alone. Check out the questions others have had before. And if you're still scratching your head, drop us a line. We genuinely care about making your experience smooth and delightful.

Think of Auramenta as your digital compass on the path to understanding and nurturing your emotions. We've combined mood tracking with journal writing, creating a space that listens, reflects, and guides. It's like having coffee with a friend who truly understands you.